Shortly after I started the course, I went to the Czech Republic and I was pleased to see that I could  already do most of the daily stuff in Czech and people understood me! I even went to the theatre. I have to admit that I was happy to understand one word every ten minutes, but it was a great experience.

Thanks to the course with Jitka I can experience a new language, another culture and I can meet new lovely people. Jitka is a passionate, patient and emphatic teacher who knows how to make the long way to new language skills pleasant and 100% enjoyable. Her course is like a road trip through the Czech language that will make you love the culture and the country.

Johanna Kolousek, Austria

The sessions worked really well, I like how you make us interact with each other and make games for us to assist with learning. You are very patient with us and a great teacher!

Dan W., England

Jitka was my private teacher and I can only recommend her! She taught me French (I was an absolute beginner) and also helped me to prepare myself for English translation and interpreting exams. She was very patient, flexible and communicative. At the beginning, she focused on finding out what topics I like to talk about, so that she could make the French/English conversation as comfortable for me as possible. Not only I made incredible progress thanks to her, but I also enjoyed every single lesson. I can honestly say she was the best language teacher I’ve ever had.

Zuzka Hájková, Czech Republic

Jitka is not only a great English teacher, but also a creative, imaginative person and always provides her students with a lot of different games and activities that suit their ages and levels. She is an enthusiastic person, Full of great ideas and her inventive activities are key to keeping her students excited about learning English.I strongly recommend Jitka as a professional English teacher.

Thank you so much❣️❤❣️

Agnieszka, Italy

Jitka is an excellent teacher! Very kind and patient. Always ready to help 🙂


I needed to prepare myself for Driving Theory test and Jitka was very helpful, patient and she always explained everything and then I passed my test finally. I can absolutely recommend her. She is the best teacher that I ever had.

Kristýna, Scotland